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Since 1984, we've committed ourselves to make every customer feel valued, through quality products and our in-store service. At Sunshine Meat Market, we believe in giving all of our clients fresh products and personalized service, every single time.

Sunshine Meat Market was designed with our clients in mind. Unlike larger grocery stores, our clients can hand-pick each of their meat items at our meat counter. Our team of butchers is on-hand to serve, cut and prepare each item to your exact liking, ensuring each order is personalized to your specific needs. 


Within our store, you can find an assortment of different cuts and styles of beef, pork and poultry, as well as fresh produce, seafood and groceries. We also focus on serving traditional Southern products that can’t commonly be found at most supermarkets, including an assortment of smoked meats and other stapes like collard greens, boiled peanuts, chitterlings and more.

About Us

Established in 1984, Sunshine Meat Market is a family-run business that commits itself to being a local staple in Miami and ensuring every customer can feel its charm and personalization.

Our mission is simple: We are a customer-focused market that prioritizes giving all of our clients an unforgettable in-store experience through our personalized service and fresh and diverse products.

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Cut Fresh, Daily

Cut and packaged daily, our team of butchers ensure freshness and quality of all of our products, from meat to produce, to uphold our mission to serve our customers with the best. 

Our in-store shopping experience allows our clients to pick and choose exactly what they want at our meat counter, ensuring that each item is fit for anyone’s exact preference.  


We also pride ourselves in personalizing orders so that each cut, whether it’s beef, poultry or pork, is fit to your exact preference - you simply have to ask!


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